Sunday, November 23, 2008

Old Tart With New Apples

During the week we made some gorgeous puff pastry galletts with a type of apple called Rome Apples. They are a hard batch to get right, they are tasty cooked, not so tasty raw. But the best thing was they had this insanely pink flesh - totally amazing. What is so hard is to find apples that have that pink color in their flesh, as it seems that it's hit or miss - you can't tell from looking at the skin of a Rome what color the flesh will be. However, most of the apples used had a very white flesh with pink veins running throughout the flesh, which at the very least adds interesting color variations.

This tart is the same as a previous post, using Rome apples instead of another. They held their shape, they were beautifully sweet when baked. An apple I'd recommend for baking with. For more info check out:


Snooky doodle said...

wow this pie looks gorgeous. I ve never heard of Rome apples they must look really nice

Mindy Moo said...

Lovely. I wish I had the patience to make my food look pretty.