Friday, January 8, 2010

The Future

As always I'm apologizing for being so incredibly slack with the posts of late. I have been baking (it's been the holidays how could I not) I just have been in such a rush to bake them off that I failed to take any picts of them.

It's my final quarter at school. I have to say that I'm looking forward to finishing, but am nervous about the "what do I do once I've finished?" I've decided to start my own business.

I've been working towards it for quite some time, mostly filling out forms and doing a whole lotta paper work, but once school is finished I intend to make this business my career.

I want to sell baked goods at two local farmers markets in the upcoming farmers market season (May - October). I plan on using local ingredients sourced from the vendors at the markets and making things such as fresh tarts (I love making tarts both savory and sweet), some breads, maybe some doughs (such as whole wheat croissants I don't have a sheeter so they'll all be hand rolled) and maybe some confiture (jams) as the seasons progress.

It's going to be a solo endeavor. Just me, both making and selling, and it's going to be a whole lotta work. I'm not expecting to earn a lot of money (who does as a baker right?) but enough to support my passion to bake.