Saturday, March 7, 2009

Banana Sunshine

I miss fruit. I realize that it is Winter, but I'm feeling the bite. It is awfully hard to eat local here in the NW as there really isn't any fruit available right now that is local. So, I've decided that my luxuries are fruits from afar, and this jam/puree/goodness that I call "Banana Sunshine" is part of that desire.

It contains fresh (yes fresh! I've never used fresh coconut and coconut milk), banana's, orange and vanilla pods. That's about it really, but it is pretty tasty. I plan on trying it out as the base for some tarts - I was thinking a pate sucre base (baked completely), a thin layer of brushed on bittersweet chocolate, banana sunshine, and then just a simple pastry cream on top. Maybe some sort of chocolate sauce as well, but who knows!

This recipe was from the Christine Ferber book 'Mes Confitures: The Jams and Jellies of Christine Ferber". Amazing, amazing amzing. This recipe is simply called "Banana and Coconut".


kelli said...

this sounds great!
perhaps you could use this on a fresh batch of scones as well- a simple orange or lemon blueberry scone would probably be a fantastic pairing.

rhid said...

So true! I think it would work well with a citrus or berry pairing!

Amara said...

Way better name, banana sunshine. Your tart concept has me drooling...
I can't believe I've missed so many great posts!