Monday, February 16, 2009

Earl Gray and Orange Syrup

We have theory nearly everyday, and every Friday we get to make something we've been talking about in theory. For the past couple of weeks we have made jams, and preserves of some kind from an amazing book by Christine Ferber called 'Mes Confitures: The Jams and Jellies of Christine Ferber".

It's full of seasonal, kinda bizarre jams and preserves. At school we made a caramel pear jam, a chocolate orange preserve and a marmalade made from mandarins. Some of the ingredients are a smidge obscure, but for the most part most of the recipes are easy to make and rather fascinating in their combinations.

I am currently obsessed (yes utterly obsessed) with tea. And as such, I thought I'd try making one of her preserves that contained tea (several of them do, there is another one in her book which has Jasmine tea in it).

This ended up being a seriously orangey preserve, rather sweet, with a hint of bergamot from the tea. My friend Ayumi adds it to her tea in the mornings and says it's mighty tasty in that!


Amara said...

Nice picture arrangement. I love the different jars! I could use some theory cooking right now to mix things up.

Anonymous said...

Awesome shot - great looking Syrup. Tea is addicting isn't it! There is a great tea place on 15th in Capitol Hill, and another on the top of Queen Anne (which as an AWESOME second flush Darjeeling)

Anonymous said...

This is a gorgeous picture and the syrup sounds lovely. Would love to try this syrup a variety of black teas!