Friday, December 12, 2008

Squirrels and other Edibles

The last rotation at school was breads. It was mostly us, the first quarter getting things ready for the next day (weighing various amounts of flour, salt and fresh yeast most of the time). However, some days we did some quirky things. Like these. Squirrels? Weird yes, kinda weirdly cool - I think so. We have a book at school that basically details how to mold bread dough into various forms - masks, wheat stalks, rabbits, chickens, snakes, crocodiles, teddy bears and yes squirrels.

This guy was my favorite - it looks like he just fattened himself up on some tasty acorns.
Next quarter we have to figure out some topping for foccacia that we'll sell down at the bakery at school - does anyone have any suggestions? We've done a lot of toppings that are pizza like ie. feta, olive, capsicum and tomato. But I was wondering if anyone had a topping that they really enjoyed on a pizza or a foccacia that we may try and use next quarter when we make the topping descions (2nd quarters tell the 1st quarters what to put on top). Sweet idea's would be great as well, we had one that was thinely sliced apples, a oatmeal, brown sugar and butter crumble and then some caramel on top as well. That one looked pretty amazing.


Snooky doodle said...

How cute. this looks really nice :)
i like nutella and peanut butter yum yum

Lisa said...

That's just too cute. Seems like you are really enjoying your classes and I am enjoying reading about your adventures.

Haley said...

how cute! i'm going to have to make him now for my friend who has a pet squirrel! haha...

i used the typical garlic, sage, basil, etc topping for my focaccia, but one of my classmates used cinnamon with a few other savory spices and it was actually pretty great! can you quarter it and try a few different spice blends?

rhid said...

Good suggestions Haley!

I don't think we can divide it into portions and try it - but I love the idea of cinnamon and savory!