Thursday, May 26, 2011

Risky Business: Black Licorice Caramel

In part starting this whole business thing was to try and keep me engaged and interested in what I make (also I'm a control freak so umm yeah). With this I have risks. Like this weeks experiment with Black Licorice Caramel Macarons (the above photo). I love black licorice, adore it so I personally have no issue adding that flavor to a whole lot of things, but, and here it gets risky; how many other people actually like black licorice in America? I have to admit it seems to be rather limited. 

I have a friend Lisa, who told me and also gave me some caramels that were licorice caramels and I thought they were absolutely delicious. So I thought that I would use the same idea in a macaron. A simply caramel (sugar, cream, butter, salt) and add some pure anise oil to the mix. 

The test this week: how many people will buy it? My suspicion, very few. BUT, I'm thinking that the few who do find it will be awfully excited about it (just like I would be). 

We'll see!

The menu this week: 
Homemade Rhubarb Jam (5 acre Farm WA)
Bittersweet Chocolate Ganache ('Better than Fair Trade' chocolate)
Zesty Lemon Buttercream (organic butter, organic cream, organic and fair trade confectioners sugar) and
Black Licorice Caramel (organic butter, organic cream)


Maria's Desserts said...

They are absolutely scrumptious. I had the pleasure of trying these licorice bits of heaven at the Lake Forest Park Farmers Market today. I tasted a variety of Lilli-Pilli's macaroons and the licorice ones were definitely the winners. Thank you Lilli-Pllli for bringing these little jewels into my life.

rhid said...

Thank you Maria - I'm so glad you liked them! I think they may have a come back later on in the year :) Thank you so much for visiting!

Rachell Taylor said...

Somehow your blog got pushed into a favorites folder that I never attend to.

I had no idea you were in Washington!! Do you ever come down to the Puyallup Area? If so I would love to find you and try out some of the treats.

I've never actually had a macaron. But oh how I want one.

rhid said...

Thanks Rachel, no I stick to Seattle area places simply because I bake in Queen Anne and Puyallup is so far from there! Sorry - you'll have to come visit one of my markets on a weekend sometime :)