Tuesday, May 17, 2011

First Markets

Wow, what a reception. I really had such incredibly low expectations about who was going to buy my product that I was incredibly delighted to find that people were a. really curious about it or b. very excited about finding macarons. So thank you everyone who came and checked out the stall!

I had a blast selling them, although I had forgotten how fatiguing customer service can be, it was great to be able to gauge how much people liked the product because they were right (literally) in front of me. I always find the kids the most telling though - it's all about whether they can keep eating it after the first bite or not. 

This past week I made 4 types of macarons, which I think is a good number (a good variety and I can experiment enough to keep myself interested!). So I'll keep the 4 macaron varieties per week. 

This past week I made:
 Hazelnut Buttercream Macaron,
 Fleur de Sel Caramel Macaron, 
 Bitter Sweet Chocolate Ganache Macaron and 
 Fresh From the Market Rhubarb Jam Macaron. 

My personal faves amongst that lot were the Fleur de Sel and the Rhubarb. I think having grown up with my opa growing rhubarb and my nana cooking it has giving me a healthy regard for its good and bad qualities (sometimes they can overlap... I love the tartness, but sometimes it can be waaaayyy too much), but I do tend to like my rhubarb on the tart side, and I also incorporate a healthy dose of lemon zest for extra zing.

While at the markets I did keep a look out for rhubarb, but unfortunately I didn't find any. So this coming week at the markets I will be doing all dairy based fillings (verses a homemade jam which is dairy free). 

I'm hoping for sunshine! On Sunday it absolutely bucketed down, and was generally a tad sad and cold, so I plan on having sunshine and a little warmth on the weekend!


Nisrine Merzouki said...

Mmm, fleur de sel caramel macarons sound amazing, as do the other flavors actually!

rhid said...

Thanks Nisrine! They were all rather tasty if I do say so myself :)

Anonymous said...

My-oh-my...are there really Rhubard Macarons? I must have died and gone to heaven. I am so excited to find your products; I usually shop at the Lake City FM, but I will be out to LFP this coming Sunday to try your M's! And probably more Sundays to come...

rhid said...

Thank you! Unfortunately there will be no rhubarbs this week (I couldn't get it at the market, so I couldn't make my jam), but I'm hoping next week I'll find some!