Monday, November 2, 2009

Pink Macaroons

I finally found a good recipe. One that really works - consistently works. An Italian meringue base (egg whites whisked until bubbly, then add soft ball stage sugar water slowly down into the egg whites while whisking) adds stability. Cook in a convection oven (low around 160C), cook until you can pick up the macaroons freely off the sheet pans.

Small things make all the difference! Macaroons are so fickle it's awfully nice to find a reliable recipe!


Polly Mae said...

Would love to get the full recipe for your macaroons! I'm also yet to find the perfect one..

Yue Jiang said...

they look delicious!

Anonymous said...


Can you share your recipe with me?

Please email me at

Anna said...

Wow, perfection!

Fru Ivaninoka said...

Mmm these cookies really looks tasty would be very greatful if you could send med the recipe :)

rhid said...

This is to the people who would like the recipe. This is basically the recipe I use:

It's a very simple recipe. So it really isn't about the recipe, but more about the technique. Good luck!