Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I was walking along on my way home and I spotted a liquor store. I though I may as well go in as I needed to by some bourbon for some recipe I wanted to try (I still can't recall what recipe but it stuck in my head anyway). And I found the "mini bar" section with all the tinsy liquors in wonderful bottles, and so I bought up big in order to try them out in some recipes. I haven't really a clue in what recipes exactly, but in the next few weeks (months) I'll be attempting to use the liquors instead of the more conventional flavors (lemon, orange, vanilla) or in conjunction with them (eg. peppermint schnapps and chocolate). Wish me luck!


Lisa Turner said...

You should challenge your readers to submit booze inspired recipes. I've no doubt your masterful creations will inspire the most accomplished of chefs.

Anonymous said...

what a great (cheap) way to get booze for recipes. Since most only require a small amount, this is perfect.

I wish they did calvados in minis :(

Amara said...

Sounds exciting. Just a few weeks ago I was curiously reading about liquors on wikipedia. Seems like an interesting way to ad some different flavors to food. Now if only I could purchase some... darn drinking laws. I swear I'll only use them for cooking!

Megan said...

When I needed some bourbon for a recipe, that is what I did too. I dont need a huge bottle for 1-2 TBS. And it only cost me $1.50ish compared to $15.00. Wow, booze is expensive. Good luck!!!

rhid said...

Lisa - you are absolutly right - I'll try and get some recipes from anyone who may be reading.
Matt - What is calvados?
Amara- you can find some recipes for me to try out!
Megan - what did you need the bouron for?