Thursday, September 27, 2007


So, I'm going to be a horrid blogger for awhile. I'm back at school and probably won't have a heap of time to dedicate to baking. I'll still bake, but not at the frantic pace of the past few months.


Desde mi Atalaya said...

I love your recipes, I sorry if you dont write more.

Try to do, where you are.

Soraya S.

rhid said...

Thanks Soraya, I'll try and keep baking because I love to bake! Thanks for your encouragement!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful. I love it. I am willing to give that a try.

I made Lemon cupcakes last week with a cream cheese filling. Very good!

Sharona May

rhid said...

Thanks Sharona! I usually don't like lemon as a flavor, but there was something about these tarts that was so rich and tasty hat they worked