Thursday, April 28, 2011

Quick: Memories of Australia

I've been traveling around quite a lot recently. And one of the places I went was my hometown Melbourne, Australia. At the risk of sounding like a tourist advertisement it's a beautiful city. 

above - the Vic Market

They have some seriously good bakeries, some hippy (organic, local etc), some traditional (Italian bakeries with hundreds of different biscuits, coffee and the ridiculously rich "European hot chocolate" thick enough to stand a spoon in it! well, not quite but it sounds like a good schtick to me!), and some good ol' Aussie bakeries. While I was there I managed to scarf down a good amount of hot cross buns (some good some not so good - I love the doughy kind,  to me a fail in the hot cross bun department is when it requires butter in order to appear good and doughy) but no vanilla slice (serious disappointment!)

The food scene is really nice there - so many places to eat, so much good food, and again I totally recognise I'm biased as hell - but I do love Melbourne.  

above - Hot Cross Buns from Prahran Market

We also went to Boston, Napa and Austin before the Aussie trip. I'm pretty exhausted from traveling and am eager to start the new business at the Farmers Markets in May (Yay!) We were going to go to Italy but decided against it due to well, I guess just being so tired from much travel within a 4 month period. 

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