Friday, July 10, 2009

Cherry Sorbet

It is cherry season, and as cherries are my utterly favorite fruit in the universe I decided to make a very simple sorbet from them.

A while back I read the book 'Animal Vegetable Miracle: A year of Food Life' by Barbara Kingslover This recipe (
+sorbet&hl=en&gl=us) is one of theirs as mentioned very simple, cherries, sugar and water are all that is required. where she and her family decided that they would spend a year living off the land. Meaning eating seasonally, living local and sacrificing things like bananas in order to stick to those goals. A pretty amazing and inspirational book. I want a garden....


Amara said...

I've only once been able to cook with cherries. They always are eaten before I can grab a recipe. Looks so deeply colored... beautiful.

Katie said...

Wow what a fantatsic deep purple colour. Looks delicious