Thursday, January 1, 2009

Paris Fog Ice Cream

Not the prettiest picture really but some seriously tasty ice cream. I made a simple custard base for the ice cream and then infused the cream with my favorite tea of the moment ([please excuse the product placement] Harney & Son's "Paris" tea). It's a black tea with a bit of Earl Gray (bergamont) and vanilla. A totally good, strong but not overwhelming dark tea.

When I was working at a pastry shop a while back, we would sometimes get customers who would want steamed milk over a tea bag, we called these "London Fog" drinks. I also used to go to a wonderful coffee shop in Seattle called Vivace ( and they added a dash of vanilla to theirs and called it "Beautiful Stephane". So I made an ice cream that combined both; tea and a bit of vanilla. It worked out wonderfully! And I hereby dub the flavor "Paris Fog" ice cream.


Snooky doodle said...

nice combination ! i like it especially hen there s vanilla involved :)

Anonymous said...

Ha! What a great name for ice cream! I love how you arrived at that. Cute!

rhid said...

Thanks Joy, and thank you Snooky! I wish I could let you taste this ice cream - it really is pretty nice!

Ruth said...

Hi. I'm a student in the UK and would like to use your photo of oat bread in a college presentation.

Would that be OK?

Thanks for your time

rhid said...

Ruth - sure you can use the oat bread photo. What's the presentation on?