Sunday, January 6, 2008

Bakeries in America vs. Australia

I've just been home for a few weeks (Australia) and although I guess I now should call America my home I'm finding that commitment difficult. Anyway - to baking. There were so many bakeries in Melbourne - the locals which sell breads, pies (meat and other), pasties and an assortment of goods including: custard tarts, jam scrolls, apple and walnut scrolls with a dense rich white icing, pizza rolls, Vegemite and cheese rolls, lamingtons, biscuits, scones and other 'doughy' (for lack of a better word) selections.
Then there were the amazing Italian and Greek pastries with tarts, plenty of mini pastries which were all combined into a cafe. I wonder why bakeries aren't as popular in America (at least where I am in Seattle) compared to Australia (and I imagine many other countries).
Anybody have any thoughts on this?


Cathie said...

I haven't got a clue why there aren't any bakeries over here. That's one thing I really miss. As a kid I loved Cream Buns and Custard Tarts and there is nothing better than a nice Nenish Tart. I really miss bakeries and I find that the baked good here in the stores are terrible and that is why I basicaly make everything from scratch myself. Sometimes I long for a nice meat pie or a sausage roll!!

rhid said...

I have to admit - I don't know what a Nenish tart is... (but totally relate to the custard tart and cream buns mmmm)

Vicente Costantini said...

Hi, greetings from Argentina!

Over here, we have fine bakeries, perhaps due to the mixed influence of Spanish, Italian and English immigration. They are called panaderías or confiterías and most of them are famous for their thick caramel-filled buns (facturas con dulce de leche) and croissants (medialunas).
"Las Violetas" is one of the most traditional, finest and well-known bakeries in Buenos Aires:

Guess that's why Dunkin' Donuts never made it in this country!

Amara said...

Mostly I'm thinking its depressing not to have bakeries. Maybe its because of an obsession with cheap food. Or because people have never had REAL bread so are fine with the white foamy stuff in the bag... Or that they want one stop shopping, and are content with the "bakeries" at grocery stores.

A real well baked croissant is like an event. All butter and flakes. Its amazing... and the ones I picked up in the grocery store (as we have no bakery to speak of within hours) tasted like... nothing. Crisco maybe? Bland flour and bland oil rolled into something resembling a croissant, but only just.

Unknown said...

We have good bakeries here in NZ, and Neenish (or Nenish) tarts are a favourite!! Yummy! Usually NZ ones have a custard filling and half-and-half chocolate and plain white icing on the top.